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Understanding Open Source Software

A software community

Being collaborative in important, there are many benefits you could get out of it, especially if it is in a community. Communities will change things to make it better or sometimes for the worse. It depends on the amount of people, and how they work together. We are all part of a community, we have our group of friends, or our neighbours, or even if you consider the whole entire street it is considered as a community. People will get together and do what needs to be done.

Now in this case we are talking about the real life communities and how we interact in person. But these aren’t the only types of communities, there are online communities, which are built through social networks. You would be able to find them on sites like Reddit. There are even communities built of groups on YouTube and so on. But what people don’t know is that there are far more communities that are built deeper than that. Like did you know there are communities built for software, where they can change it and so on? Well this can be considered as open source. And here is the open source software explained.

What is this?

This is a type of computer software where the code is released under a license, the copy right states that the holder give users the permission to study it, and change the software to their comfort. It also gives the right to distribute the software to anyone for any purpose. This software was developed in a collaborative manner, which means that people would be able work together and get each others insights and so on. Almost all of the software, but there are some occasions in which it will cost you a bit to get it.

There are plenty of open source software, such as:

  • FreeBSD
  • Durpal
  • TYPO3
  • FlightPath
  • PuTTY
  • .Net Core

What are the advantages of open source software?

Here is open source software explained in a greater deal, on how it will be beneficial, and why so many people use it. One of the benefits of this is the lower hardware costs, because it can be easily compressed so doesn’t require much hardware power to perform tasks. It is also a high quality software, it is well designed, and can be efficient when coding. Also there are no vendor lock-in. Sometimes you will have to deal with the lack of portability, expensive license, but with this you have more freedom. There are also integrated management, it uses high end technologies, so you can easily integrate and combine servers, applications, and more. Due to the integration you would be able to have an efficient administration. Furthermore it is a simple license management, you don’t have to worry about the license now, you can download, and install the software as much as you like, and you can use it from any location too. There are also lower software costs, as you don’t have to spend on the license and fees, so you can save that money too.

What are the cons of using it?

Just like there are advantages to it, there are also negative aspects of it, one of the main disadvantages is that there are malicious users, so you will end up becoming vulnerable to them. This can happen because there are many users already, and not all of them will have good intentions, so when using it you have to be careful. Also it might not be as user-friendly as they say it is. Some of it may cater to the developer’s side, and bring their life into play, so you may not get the attention that you fully desire. Not only that but they don’t come with extensive support, since it is developed by numerous amounts of people you can’t really ask for support from one specific developer. Furthermore there is a shortage of applications, so you may to switch from software to software. Also the latest hardware may be incompatible so it may not work. These are just a few things that may change your mind.

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Best Open Source Projects

open source programming projects

Learning programming has never been easy. Despite the many ways you can program, we believe that the best way to improve your skills is to contribute to open source projects.

The open source community offers a great opportunity for aspiring programmers to stand out, and by contributing to various projects; developers can improve their skills and get inspiration and support from like-minded people. But the most important thing is that they can show that they can make fantastic experiences that people love.

Non-programmers can also contribute to open source projects. Documentation is necessary for all projects, sometimes poorly written and maintained. Therefore, you can help by writing, updating or even translating the documentation. In addition, your design skills can be useful: after all, each application needs an interface. Finally, you can contribute by managing a community by answering questions and guiding newbies.

This article is for developers who are just starting their careers and want to get involved in the community (and maybe become a programming genius).

What To Keep In Mind Before You Go To Open Source

Okay, you cannot wait to start your first OSS project. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you choose.

Programming language
The most basic technology behind every application is a programming language. The most accepted languages ​​on GitHub (a mutual code hosting platform) are Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, and PHP. There are a variety of projects that can adapt to your abilities and tastes.

Type of project
After selecting the language in which you want to work, you must select the project type you want. Github projects are divided into folders called Showcases. Here are some examples of shop windows: “Security”, “Virtual Reality”, “Text Editor” and “CSS Preprocessors”. Just pick a topic that interests you.
However, we recommend paying special attention to projects that can be used by a large number of people. So you have the opportunity to test your code in the real world in a large audience. For example, the storefront “Emoji” contains 25 repositories that represent their popularity. Great projects can be found on dating apps and websites as well. Plenty of fish, match, and fuckbook are great places to start. Hook up apps often provide opportunity to practice your skills as they are always looking to optimize their user’s chance of hooking up through their website. Another piece of advice for choosing an OSS project is to start working on the software you already use or the software you want to use. This will motivate one to keep working.

Best Open Source Projects Used In Most Android-Based Applications

License: Apache 2.0
GitHub Stars: 20,370
This open-source Android project can convert the REST API to the Java interface. With Retrofit, you can write a pure Java quality code with almost any RESTful API.
It is worth noting that the main features include dynamically generated requests, error procedures, and the ability to transfer files. In addition, this open-source git library provides a powerful infrastructure for authenticating and interacting with APIs, as well as sending web requests via OkHttp.
Retrofit automatically converts JSON into objects using another open source Android repository called Gson. All library logic is based on annotations that allow the creation of dynamic requests within a server.
Also for the Android-based library, it’s light enough and relatively easy to use.
Easy to use and install
Excellent documentation
Lack of image loading

License: Apache 2.0
GitHub Stars: 14,600
Uploading images is a fairly common task in the development of Android. The open source repository Android Glide can download and display images from multiple sources. It also takes care of caching and memory usage.
However, to find the balance between quality and memory usage, you need to change the Glide default settings from RGB-555 to ARGB-8888. With this simple step, you increase the image quality and maintain a balanced storage volume.
Fast loading
Low memory consumption
GIF support
Size in 430 kb

Butter Knife
License: Apache 2.0
GitHub stars: 15,500
As you know, it often happens that a seemingly repetitive code is used during the project. In order to keep up with a good programming style, you should avoid the so-called repetitive code. For this purpose, Android open source libraries such as Butter Knife were created. This library uses an InjectView annotation to eliminate repetitive text and shorten its code.
Easy configuration
It allows you to write less code
Good performance
No support from Pojo Injection

License: Apache 2.0
GitHub Stars: 2,700
In addition to Butter Knife, the repetitive code problem could also be solved by Parceler, an open source Android project. GitHub has allowed developers to easily search for tools like this that make code building easy. The Parceler library generates the required container classes and compiles the data automatically. In this way, the library allows reducing the number of repetitive steps necessary to obtain the maximum performance of the packages.
Eliminate the manual generation of the parcelable code
Good basis for counting methods
RealmList cannot be controlled by default


Open source projects bring many benefits to those who attend and this experience is great for their resume. As you join a community of like-minded people and refine your skills, as an aspiring developer, you can go one step further.